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About us

Established in the year 1998 , brufia bakers is one of the most distingushed bakers and confectionaries offering a comprehensive range of quality and bakery products .


  • “It is truly delightful. I and my family felt real home taste. Traditional foods kept its words. Keep it up Mr. Naisam. If u has time pls make a mail to me.I have some interesting regarding traditional food concepts

  • food concepts.“


  • “Hai Naisam. I am Jennifer Kathy. Remember me? I visited timepaz on 12.03.2012 evening. You itself served me with tasty shake. After You direct me to the passionate destinations in Alleppey. Now I reached Geneva. Thank u for Shake and consideration.

  • reached Geneva. Thank u for Shake and consideration.“ Jennifferkathy, Geneva

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Brufia Bakers

South of Civil Station

Alappuzha, Kerala, India